Farm and Yard

Bradley Morgan

Farm Manager at South Kilduff

Bradley joined in May 2017 as a yardman at Kilduff. Growing up on a farm he is a great help and a hard worker and to start with he was responsible for keeping the stables and yard tidy. In the spring of 2019 he was promoted to South Kilduff farm manager and now runs the farm work, including looking after the gallops and the grassland and making our main crop, haylage. Bradley also leads the small team of yardmen at Kilduff and working with Jordan and Scu he makes sure that the gallops are maintained and that the stables and farm are kept tidy and well kept. Anything mechanical takes Bradleys interest, especially cars. 


David MacPhail

Head Yardman at Arlary

David is based at Arlary and is responsible for yard management, and general yardwork. Davy is the first person that our horses see each morning as he starts shortly after 4am, checking around the yard and giving each horse haylage. He is also in charge of the mucking out and bedding down of the stables in the main front yard. On work mornings Davey harrows the gallops in between lots and has overall management of the woodchip gallop at Arlary. He also organises the delivery of Jenkinsons shavings at Arlary.

Robert Jones

Yardman at Arlary

Robert, or Rab, joined the yardmen team at Arlary in April 2019. He has plenty of experience with yard work and horses having completed the Yard And Farm course at the British Racing School. This is a fantastic course for those who want to work in racing but do not want to ride; it covers tractor work, fencing, and all the yard duties. Rab brings experience from that course and from working with Jonjo O'Neill and Linda Perratt. Having shown enthusiasm and dedication Rab was promoted to a barn manager in September 2019 and in July 2020 joined the team at Arlary carrying out yardwork and horsecare as well as having time to go racing to lead up the bigger horses. Rab loves football, both watching it and playing it and he also takes part in boxing training in his spare time.

Nathan Owen

Yardman At Kilduff

Nathan joined us in November 2019 after previously working in farming and roofing and spending over a decade in retail and retail management before deciding on a change of career path. He first got into horses through equestrian photography and then began helping at a friend's livery yard, riding, grooming and preparing horses for shows. His responsibilities at Lucinda Russell Racing include cleaning out the boxes, feeding the horses and general yard maintenance. In his spare time he is an artist specialising in equestrian portraits and is also a keen cyclist. 

Ronnie Reid

Yard Help At Arlary And Kilduff

Ronnie is self employed and helps us when we need an extra set of hands. He drives the tractor, helps with building issues, helps on the farm, and is generally there when we need him. He is also the main garderer at Arlary House. A specialist in tree surgery he oversees the trees on both Arlary and Kilduff land and keeps all the lawns neat and mown. In his spare time Ronnie is a musician and has played in bands since the 70s including as part of the backing band for The Stranglers. His band plays at our owners lunches and yard parties and are excellent at all types of functions.