A Time For..

As the wheels start to crank back into action and racing slowly returns, it is time for a bit of reflection. 

Covid 19 has been tragic but the ensuing lockdown has given us time to refresh the yard and staff and to reflect on our way forward. 

Jumping and racing are deep in our souls and the excitement, enjoyment, and fulfillment that we get racing and winning with our horses and jockeys have been sorely missed. However, it has reinforced our desire to be at the top of the pile and to produce the horses as best that we can. 

Our facilities, based at two yards mean that while we have eighty in training we can adapt our training to each horse, giving us the best results with each horse. They are athletes and thus carry different physical and mental challenges and with a dynamic team who are always concentrating on the individual, we can be proactive in varying training when required.

The water treadmill, an investment made eighteen months ago, has reaped rewards with horses who were jarred up or have muscle problems. It is integrated into the daily work and has kept formally poor movers, sound, and content.

Scu is a driving force here and he has added to the gallops and schooling facilities; it has been fabulous this month starting the schooling with the pre-trainers and finding that they jump so well, a testament to the work put in over the past year by all the jockeys and work riders. Pictured is Ain't My Fault and Patrick who will ride as our 10lb claimer this season.

The staff are ambitious and driven; our recruitment process is deservedly rigorous but it means that we can rely on good people dealing with the horses. We are looking to add to the roster this summer with a new head lad/girl at Arlary and I am confident that we will find the right person to replace our exceptional Ciorstaidh. Out of necessity, we had to furlough half the team but we will gradually welcome them back as the horse numbers increase again. 

Already we have been able to welcome a few of our owners to the yard and it has been fabulous to show them their horses and the facility upgrades. It is not exactly the same as before, but it has been marvellous to share the mounting enthusiasm for their horse's progress.

Enough reflection. Let's get on training winners...

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